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Dear readers and viewers of restartnaija political research disclosure,


research for new Nigeria
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Restartnaija is an initiative to conduct a widespread and far-reaching diagnostic research on the problem of Nigeria, as a country in general, and the constituent ethnic communities in particular. It is an on-going research into the causes of stagnation in the national development, political instability, unproductivity, ethnic tensions and general crisis.


Restartnaija posts and broadcasts will be on air weekly on Mondays, Thursdays, Saturdays. This is aimed at enlightening the youth from all educational, social, economic and religious backgrounds in Nigeria. The research content shall border on the concept of a country, the necessary elements of a progressive country, the necessary conditions for instituting a peace and productive country, the problem of Nigeria, the aspects of the problems of Nigeria, possible solutions to the problem of Nigeria.


The program shall feature young men and women from all walks of Nigerian life, who will make their input in proffering a solution to the problems of Nigeria. It shall also demonstrate ways of education the youth in the different official and unofficial segments of the country.


Restartnaija is welcoming to every member of the Nigerian society. However, it has to be stated clearly, that restartnaija is not in anyway an affiliate of any political party, whether inside or outside Nigeria. It remains neutral on party politicking, but is very passionate about reaching the root of our traditional and ethnic communities. It shall make all possible effort to re-identify the unique gifts and potentials that have characterized Nigeria’s ethnic communities, and to harness these potentials for a harmonious and progressive Nigeria.


The founder of restartnaija studied political philosophy in his first degree from the University of Ibadan, and has been engaged in several socio-political research programs. His experience of passion among the youth in Nigeria convinces him that the youth in Nigeria shall be the catalyst for restarting a new and progressive country.