Problem with Nigeria: 1st Edition of Restartnaija YouTube Channel Broadcast

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Problem with Nigeria
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Nigeria, our country, is faced with several challenges, terrorism, herdsman attacks, militancy resource mismanagement and a nationwide poverty. Every day, we witness the decline of hope and evidence of frustration from different parts of Nigeria. We hear people complain that Nigeria has failed, Nigeria doesn’t care and Nigeria cannot get better.

Our Graduates are unemployed, exploited and discouraged…
Many leaders are confused and frustrated with the complexity of the problem…
The economy of the nation is leaking into the waiting pockets of foreign companies
The lecturers and teachers are being neglected
The students are tired of studying without hope of getting jobs (application of knowledge to society)
The young men are frustrated in the idle waste of their energies and emptiness of their pockets
The young girls are angry that many eligible young men are not financially ready to settle with them

In the midst of this frustration, different groups of Nigerians cope in different ways:
1st group see the immensity of the problem with Nigeria; think of how to scale through as individuals; run away and establish their talents outside the country; they come back once in a while, and run back at the sight of any problem. Many people who are unable to scale through this plan join the pool of frustrated Nigerians.
2nd group see the symptoms of the problem with Nigeria; struggle through the difficulties; establish their talents and genius here in Nigeria by hook or crook; get safe houses outside Nigeria for their family in case something goes wrong at home. Also, many people who are unable to scale through this plan join the pool of frustrated Nigerians
3rd group see signs of the problem; think of how to solve the problem with Nigeria. Establish for survival at home or abroad; come back to solve the problem with Nigeria using a different approach like riot, protest and activism etc. but their zeal dies off quickly; they meet resistance by the people who are already in charge of the nation; they are eliminated if they persist or they are offered a share of the exploits of the nation or eliminated if they insist.

Faced with these problems, many people begin to cast blames on different people or circumstances. The regular factors that are blamed for the problem with Nigeria include: COLONIAL masters, our black nature, tribalism, religion, lack of infrastructure, Nigerian youth and leader. However, it appears that these factors are only symptoms of the root problem of Nigeria.

Colonial masters: they are no more in charge of Nigeria since they have handed over independence to Nigeria since a long time ago. We are the ones who have not been able to work on our social structure, thereby giving former colonialists the chance to penetrate.

Black nature: researches on the brain structure of human beings from different parts of the world show no difference between the brains of a white, yellow, red or black persons. President Barack Obama is of black origin, but has become the United States president, who did well for the American society.
Tribalism: tribalism is an emotional attachment to one`s tribe of origin. Without tribalism, there cannot be patriotism. There are other countries in the world who have numerous tribes, but despite their initial crisis, they are living in peace, harmony and great progress. The United States of America, Canada and Singapore are heterogeneous nations that still live in peace and progress.
Religion: Nigeria is not the only nation that has religion. Many other countries like United Arab Emirates, USA and England have religions, yet they are technologically progressive and culturally advanced.

Lack of infrastructure: who will build the infrastructure? Who will maintain it? Who built the infrastructure for those countries, why are their old infrastructures still in existence, while our recent ones are almost dead? How many has been built by different Nigerian governments since independence? How many existing infrastructure are still maintained and in good shape? Without understanding the main problem with Nigeria, if you build another one, it will still spoil in less than four years.
Nigerian youth: some say that Nigerian youths are the problem with Nigeria, because they do not challenge the leaders; instead the Nigerian youths emulate Davido, Wizkid and Tekno. Who are Davido, Wizkid and Tekno? These are the bearers of hope for the youth, young men who have made their names through their talents and not through bribery. A British journalist, Richard Dowden, writes about the Nigerian youth in this words: “In business, law, science, art, literature, music, sport, Nigeria produces phenomenally talented individuals as if its superheated society throws up brighter, hotter human beings than anywhere else.” “Even in the worst of times you do not hear the tones of doom and despair that characterize some western media reports on the state of Africa.” Even in the recession, they still find ways of making jokes and not taking up arms. “Nigeria is one country that western countries, dependent on oil, cannot afford to bully.” “The Nigerian is strong, ingenious and intelligent. He is intellectually deep and smart. He is enterprising, hardworking and creative. He is Black and Beautiful. He opens the window when the door is shut.” He creates opportunities when others mourn their handicap. He is the beauty of creation. He is the gift of Providence to the world. The world is waiting for the Nigerian Gift. The Nigerian youth only needs the right social structure and the encouragement of role models to focus their energy and make significant impacts. Nigerian youths are making waves all over the world till today.
Nigerian leaders: they are not the demons, who they are painted to be. Do you think they are happy to leave the stage without sustainable legacies to their names? If they had a clear understanding of the problem and a clear knowledge of the solution, wouldn’t they have done it to have the good name, to be praised as heroes? Like other people, they simply do not understand the root problem with Nigeria. Some of them have tried what they can. Yet, they don’t want to leave power since they don’t trust what you will do to them when you take over power. Vice president Osinbajo asked Nigerians in his twitter account to bring ideas for fixing Nigeria. A request which shows that they do not understand the root problem with Nigeria. If you go into the position you may be more confused than they are right now. There may not be a better person to solve the problem? If there are, why have they not come to solve it? If they can’t convince people to vote them in, then they may not even be able to convince people to work with them in their ‘mighty scheme’ of solution.

All these are only are secondary causes and indicators of crisis, but not the root problem with Nigeria.

What is the main obstacle to fixing Nigeria? Let us use a video clip from Pulse TV to examine what the problem of Nigeria could be: Pulse TV interview with a Nigerian woman from Ondo state.

Pulse TV Interviewer: Madam, how you take see this economy?
Market woman: this Nigeria, e no go better again
Pulse interviewer: so you wan leave this country?
Market woman: yes I go leave this Nigeria, go back to my village
Pulse interviewer: where is your village?
Market woman: Ondo state
Pulse interviewer: where is Ondo state?
Market woman: E dey for Agerege
Pulse interviewer: Madam, make up your mind. You go leave Nigeria go back to Ondo state
Market woman: No, I mean Ondo street
Pulse interviewer: which one are you saying exactly?
Market woman: Ondo straight, You cannot confuse me, I go leave this Nigeria go Ondo local government…

Do you think that many Nigerians know better than that woman? Do you think that the bright students, good workers and nice public officers know better than her? That they truly understand the meaning of wards, local governments, state constituencies, federal constituencies, senatorial districts, parastatals, state and the most complex but popular jargon called country? That they know their places and how they connect to other places as a nation? That they care about Nigeria, states and local governments of residence or places they refer to as no-man’s-land.

The problem with Nigeria is a lack of understanding of Nigeria. It is the absence of both an intellectual understanding of its structure and an emotional understanding of its interests. In the hospital, understanding of a patient is the first step in treatment process. The healing process requires both an intellectual understanding of the patient’s condition and emotional understanding of his pains, fears, anxiety and suffering. Understanding an entity, a gadget or machine is the first step in constructing a new one or repairing a bad one.

When you are constructing a car and it’s still breaking apart, restart the construction; when you are fixing a puzzle and there is no head way, restart the puzzle; when you are building a house and the parts are shaking, restart the house; when you are singing a song and your voice is off-key, restart the song; when you are operating a computer and it is hanging, restart the computer; finally, when you are fixing Nigeria and it is still falling apart, Restartnaija comes to mind.

Restartnaija is a call to return to the basis for the intellectual and emotional understanding of Nigeria; an intellectual understanding of who we are, where we are and how we can move from here to where we want to be. It is a response to the call of many Nigerian youths, who are confused on how to contribute to the future of their country. Restartnaija is not an affiliate of any party, but a voice of concern for the Nigerian society. We all suffer the recession, despite our party affiliations.

In subsequent editions, we shall explore the problems deeper for a better understanding. When we have been able to get some understanding of Nigeria, we will be guided by the finding of our explorations, to make our own contributions.


On the sides

On Monday, 6th February, when we go out to protest, we bear in mind that the federal and state governments are not alone in the affairs of Nigeria. There are senators, federal, state and local government representatives, who speak on our behalf, and who obtain development funds without anything to show for them and anybody to question them. Ask the person beside you, what is the name of present local government and chairman of where you are right now, name of the ward and councillor, name of state constituency and state representatives, name of federal constituency and federal rep, name of senatorial district and the senator in charge. You cannot hold your worker responsible if you don’t know who he is, or even his job description and area of responsibility.


Our Methodology

Our methodology in this ongoing research will be to explain the ideal concepts of our subject, make examples with countries, places or things, and then examine the concrete situation in our own case. We shall endeavour to be positive in our approach, and to be very simple in the language of delivery to make it understandable to everybody. When it becomes possible, we shall organize for a translation of this exercise to different languages that are spoken in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

Thank you for your support to this initiative towards the renewal of Nigeria, our country. God bless you and God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.