The burden of the black skin

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Black man in agony

Despite his individual struggles and achievements anywhere in the world, the black man carries with him an emotional scar,

which he has to clean everyday in order to maintain his sanity and humanity.

His skin color is depicted in inferiority and weakness of mind.

His place of origin is still in darkness despite his flight from home,

and his attempt to assume other racial identities

by association with other trends, customs and institutions.

The black man’s natural kinsmen are still considered the most undeveloped in the world.

The black man is at the receiving end of almost every intentional or unintentional gesture or interpretation of racism.

The more the black man tries to be white or yellow or red, the more he has to defend not being black.

He lives a life of self-denial for as long as his wealth and personal achievement could carry him.

He has to work extra-hard to be heard, where other races just have to wink, sigh, sneeze or just show up to be heard.

This is the burden of the his black skin; the effect of our indifference to the reorganization of our society.




On the personal note

Whether you have been a direct victim of racism or not, it lurks around the corner.

You were sent to the world as black, because God has a purpose for you as black.

Your ability to discover and fulfill the purpose for your birth, as black, determines the level of fulfillment you get for coming to the world. Otherwise you continue to live in defense of your inability to impact on your place of origin.

Do not wait till you become a victim of racism and discrimination before fortifying your origin.

There is a way out, contribute towards the reorganization of your place of birth, as black, for sustainable and all-reachable progress