Support Nigeria: Transcript 2nd broadcast

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resurrection after unity

Despite the disappointments and difficulties, you are the one to reorganize this society as you support Nigeria.


Support Nigeria
Support Nigeria

“Despite his individual struggles and achievements anywhere in the world, the black man carries with him an emotional scar, which he has to clean every day in order to maintain his sanity and humanity. His skin colour is depicted in inferiority and weakness of mind. His place of origin is still in darkness despite his flight from home and his attempt to assume other racial identities by association. His natural kinsmen are still considered the most undeveloped in the world. He is at the receiving end of almost every intentional or unintentional gesture or interpretation of racism. The more he tries to be white or yellow or red, the more he has to defend not being black. He lives a life of self-denial for as long as his wealth and personal achievement could carry him. He has to work extra hard to be heard where other races just have to wink, sigh, sneeze or just show up to be heard. This is the burden of the black skin, the effect of our indifference to the reorganization of our society.”



Last week, we sought to identify the major obstacle in the attempt to fix Nigeria, which we identified as the lack of intellectual and emotional understanding of Nigeria by Nigerians. The problem we have identified may not be well understood by all. Therefore, we shall eventually begin to explain what we mean by the lack of understanding of Nigeria, and begin to educate our people on what Nigeria is. Have you tried to evaluate the knowledge of Nigeria among the people in your area: to see if they know the names of their wards, local government area, state constituency, federal constituency and senatorial districts?


If Nigeria were a patient in your hospital, do you understand her organs well enough to treat her? Do you have enough emotional concern for her to wish to help her?

Before we continue with our discussion on the lack of understanding of Nigeria by Nigerian, let us examine the reasons why we should, or should not be concerned about finding and fixing the problem with Nigeria. Why should you support Nigeria?



The societal structure of Nigeria has not been favourable to Nigerians. This faulty societal structure has brought suffering, fear and pain to every sector of Nigeria. Because of this, many Nigerians have given up hope on Nigeria, and are reluctant to support Nigeria in her reorganization. They citing numerous valid reasons and excuses for not joining in the reorganization effort.


Opposition politicians and observers say: why should we contribute, we are no longer in charge of affairs
Holy & Religious people say: politics is a dirty game, let us just focus on collecting tithes and offerings, while offering promises of individual progress.

Students say: why should I support Nigeria? My parents cater for me right now, let me just make good grades and get the best jobs
Nigerian youth say: Old men politicians don’t want to give us a chance, no job, no food. So why should we support Nigeria?
Employed graduates say: I have worked to get a job, others should fight on their own

Entrepreneurs say: politics is for lazy, greedy and heartless people. Let me just focus on my business, I’ll succeed without politics
Successful Nigerians say: I suffered, risked and excelled alone. Let others work and do their own

Elderly people say: We are weak and can no more contribute much to support Nigeria

The uneducated say: they won’t listen to us, we don’t speak good English and have no certificates

Nigerians in diaspora say: I am far away, let them kill themselves

Agitators, Biafra, ND Militants say: they are oppressing and marginalising our people, we cannot support Nigeria

There are many valid reasons for us not to support Nigeria and contribute to her redemption. There are many reasons to abandon the job of political organization to the people we call wicked politicians. It seems we will be justified for staying out of political activities and discussions because of the political neglect and suffering we have endured.

However, the demonstration and peaceful protest of 6th February shows that we are very concerned. The continued suggestions and lamentations about Nigeria show we are ready to support Nigeria, when there is a sincere person. No matter our present denial of concern for Nigeria, we have made several efforts in the past before we gave up.



Hence, there might still be some reasons for us to turn back to contribute to the social reorganization

Political observers: there might be no country remaining for you to develop, if you do not contribute and support Nigeria now.

Holy and religious people: you will answer God for your contribution or inaction to achieving a society that guarantees the financial well-being of the people from whom you take tithes and offerings

Students: the quality of education you receive in Nigeria is badly affected. It is an isolated theoretical education without practicability, since there is no access to raw materials. Your result is not recognized globally, but if you contribute, we can give a new meaning to Nigerian system of education

Nigerian youth: we are distracted by our struggle for political parties, jobs, food and recognition. Just know that, without stable social organisation, there will be no guarantee of jobs, no food and no hope. It will remain a fight of everybody against everybody.
Employed youth: there is no guarantee for the sustenance of the job you have, due to recent loss of jobs nationwide.

Successful Nigerians: you stand as an isolated target of robbery, kidnapping, attacks & beggars. If you do not contribute and support Nigeria in her reorganization for social justice, you could be the next victim of violence.
Elders: you don’t have to die without leaving a legacy for your children and children’s children.
Agitators for disintegration: indigenous people of Biafra, Niger-Delta militants. If we don’t understand the principles of societal organization, we will continue to fight one another, even after the separation. The whole West Africa can be one country, if we understand the principles of stable social organization and structure. But if we do not understand the principles of social structure, when we divide this country into pieces, we shall continue to fight ourselves within the new countries.
Nigerians enduring in diaspora: They know it is better to do risky and humiliating jobs there than to stay idle in Nigeria. We pray for your safety and urge you to be careful in your dealings, with home in mind. You won’t be afraid of deportation, if you have an organized society back home.

Nigerians enjoying in Diaspora: Nigeria is proud of you, (Philip Emeagwali, Mikel Obi, Seyi Oyisola, Adaeze Enekwechi, Deji Akinwande, Jelani Aliyu, Saheed Adepoju and many others). We know you had to run away to show your stars, however, you do not have to pretend to be unconcerned about your Nigeria. Your achievements doesn’t make you free from the general bias against your fellow blacks. Except you are ready to carry your achievements like a banner as a reason for your acceptance wherever you go.

Few months ago, Oprah Winfrey was subjected to a racial discrimination in Germany, because the white salesgirl didn’t see her as the billionaire Oprah Winfrey, but as a typical black woman.


These may not be enough reasons for anyone to turn back, given the suffering and hopelessness we face in Nigeria, but I know that there is a little child crying in your heart for a place to call home, for a better Nigerian society. There is a voice in your heart telling you that you can do more for your country. We have been born into this era of darkness because there is a light in us to be shown to the world around us. Our indifference and denial are only temporary masks, which we adopt as coping and defense mechanism, to cover our frustration for our inability to liberate our kin in the world.

You can gradually begin to study the society to see if you may support Nigeria when you want. However, stop lying to yourself that you are no more concerned, because truly you are. You still get emotional when people talk about Nigeria. You feel it and at the right time you will do it, and I will see you when we get there.

In the next episode

, we shall begin to explain the principles of social organization in order to show how Nigerians can contribute to the reorganization of the Nigerian society. God bless you and God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.