As Christ resurrected, Nigeria will also resurrect

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executive and law enforcement in Nigeria

As Christ resurrected, Nigeria will also experience its own resurrection

resurrection after unity
resurrection comes after unity

Restartnaija joins our Christian brothers all over the world in the Easter celebration. Yesterday, Christians all over the world celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ from death. The scripture says that Jesus Christ died for the sins of the world, and rose again on the third day. Christ endured a long suffering and died before resurrecting. Similarly, Nigeria’s long suffering will end in the death of the present social structure for the resurrection of a new Nigeria. The present socio-political scheme and structure of suffering and pain in Nigeria die to give way for a new Nigerian resurrection.

Nigeria is the most populous black nation, and has been considered the richest black nation. Despite its position as the most populous and richest black nation, it continues suffer in different dimensions. One area in which Nigeria seems to be deficient is political leadership. Nigerians have never agreed – or been given the chance to agree – what Nigeria is. It is a country of several ethnic groups that have co-existed grudgingly for fifty six years.

The constitutional foundation is faulty as it lacks the first principle of human relationship, which is agreement. Hence, the institutions that proceed from the faulty constitution have failed and will continue to fail unless there is a new constitution by the consent of the ethnic communities that form Nigeria. The present institutions cannot and will not address the problems in Nigeria. The problem of disunity, constant religious and ethnic crisis, high level of corruption and a desperation to survive in the chaos.

When viewed vertically downwards, the map of resembles a locally made pistol. From that view, the position of Nigeria in the map is very at the trigger. The trigger causes the gun to perform its primary function of shooting. And Nigeria’s position at the trigger signifies its ability to cause other parts of Africa to function well. If Nigeria reorganized itself for peace and productivity, the development will spill into other African countries; thereby, lightening up the continent they have always taunted as the Dark Continent

The diverse people of Nigeria will get back to their roots. They will understand who they are and what they had achieved in the past. They will take back the access to their resources, which is hijacked by foreign powers that influence governments in developing nations. They will agree to cooperate with one another. With unfettered access to their raw materials, they will be able to produce what they need. They will bond together free of current mutual suspicion and live a dignified life in a dignified society.

As Christ rose from the death, Nigeria will arise.

God bless you and God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.