Business before leisure kor, leisure has become the business in Nigeria

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business before leisure
Business before leisure
Business before leisure

“WHEN WE WERE SMALL, WE WERE TOLD THAT EDUCATION WAS THE KEY TO SUCCESS. AS WE GREW, WE DISCOVERED THAT THE SOCIETY HAS REPLACED THE KEY WITH ENTERTAINMENT AND LEISURE.” The time when the social dictum, business before leisure, seem to have passed. Leisure is now the business in Nigeria, yielding 30 billion for the account. YOUR ABILITY TO ENTERTAIN PEOPLE ON A COMMERCIAL LEVEL DETERMINES YOUR SUCCESS IN NIGERIA. Your ability to provide the maximum leisure, even at the cost of social morals determines your success.

A comparison between the developed and developing nations shows that developed nations have strong systems of scientific production. They produce what they use (business before leisure); while the developing nations imports what others produce (leisure as the business). Developing nations depend on the developed to get goods and infrastructure. The roads, bridges, airports, seaports, steel companies and refineries are produced and maintained by foreign countries. The developed nations give loans to African nations, and quickly collect it back as payment for the installation and maintenance of infrastructure.

The whole of Africa still fall under the classification of developing nations. The developed Western and Asian nations set up branches of their multi-national companies in Nigeria and employ few Nigerian manpower. They get waivers from Nigerian government to do the business of providing infrastructure and importing what they produce. They obtain federal access to the mineral resources to which Nigerian science students and researchers have no access. But any attempt by a Nigerian scientist to assess the mineral resources for research is resisted with gun power.

At the end, the Nigerian student only learns how to read, write and count. He does not learn how to produce. Not because he cannot learn, but because he is denied access to the raw materials upon which he is to practice his scientific production. C Ronaldo and Lionel Messi would never had been world best footballers if they did not have access to football for training. The access to crude oil and other raw materials in Nigeria is reserved for foreign companies and their fronting indigenous allies.

The CAPACITY OF SCIENTIFIC-PRODUCTION IN NIGERIA IS CRIPPLED BY THE POLICY OF GOVERNMENT OWNERSHIP OF ALL MINERAL RESOURCE IN NIGERIA. Nigerians are very industrious but the policy of no access to raw materials is unfavourable to their productivity. Nigeria may never produce anything meaningful until the ethnic communities take back the control and ownership of their mineral resources. Then they can produce what they want or dash it out to foreign companies if they want to remain dependent on oyibo.

In the absence of raw materials for production, NIGERIAN BRAINS STRUGGLE TO ENTERTAIN MULTINATIONALS FOR SOME ‘EGUNJE’. The politicians entertain the multinationals for grants and funny investments in their localities. Pastors entertain politicians and congregation with a mild touch of spirituality. Musicians, comedians and actors have the stage of success for giving us some leisure and entertainment to cover up our suffering. While politicians and pastors divert the attention to God’s will and to any other person but the policy-makers.

Leisure and entertainment are necessary tonic for a healthy life. Spiritual uplifting is inevitable for a healthy society. But when they are made to overgrow or come before the business of industry and scientific production, they become distractions. Presently, they have become distractions from the most important aspect of the Nigerian society, which is cooperation for productivity. And cooperation for productivity is the basis upon which a society solves its problems.

The effort at physical/scientific production is met with serious threats by the multinationals who have high support. Nigerian entrepreneurs continue to confuse grammar in struggling for cheaper products from “yankee” and selling for some profit. Yet, the more you entertain, the more money you get from the distractors, and the more famous you become.

A smart kid tells you to your face, “Business before leisure kor, leisure is now the business”. After all, there is 30 billion for the account.