Message to the Nigerian youth

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Most Fabulous and young Hearts of Nigeria. It is no longer news that Nigerians are among the most intelligent and industrious people in the world. In business, law, science, art, literature, music, sport, Nigeria produces phenomenally talented individuals as if its superheated society throws up brighter, hotter human beings than anywhere else.”[1] I am privileged to be counted among the Nigerian youth who are truly wonderful and vibrant people. Our beauty and youthful strength is a cause of joy, and by God’s grace, will also become a cause for our pride and fulfilment. Hence I feel obliged to send this message to the Nigerian youth wherever they may be.

Nigerian youth agitation
Nigerian youth agitation

We, the Nigerian youth, cannot pretend that we are not feeling the pains of being in Nigeria. A place where there are no jobs, no money, no hope, no assurance, no security or safety, no purpose, no vision nor cooperation for progress. We have been born into this environment of hopelessness among the citizens, especially the youth of Nigeria.


However, we refuse to believe that hopelessness was born in us. Therefore, we choose the path of hope, cooperation and progress, as Nigerian youth. We choose our better history to cooperate and forge a better nation for ourselves and our children’s children.


We were not born into this mess by mistake. God did not send us to Nigeria to cry, lament and run away to Yankee. It is time to show the world that we are God-sent in this era of fear and confusion. For when the sky is dark, the stars shine. And when the nation is in a hopeless mess, the lightning star of the Nigerian youth will brave into the darkness. The star of the the Nigerian youth will show forth a new light.


We are the generation to set Nigeria on its path to greatness and restore the hope and dignity of the black man. We are young, strong and intelligent people. And we can use these energies to enlighten young and old Nigerians everywhere towards proper social reorganization.
Hence, we have the opportunity to restart Nigerian social structure. We cannot rebuild Nigeria unless we learn and understand the principles of adequate social structure. Restartnaija is thus, a movement of social and political enlightenment for the progress of the Nigerian society.


If a doctor doesn’t understand the disease he is treating, he gives the wrong medication that could cause more harm to the patient. Also, if the young social reformers do not understand the problem of the society they want to reform, they may cause more problems than they set out to resolve.
Restartnaija messages have been carefully crafted to educate the Nigeiran youth. The education is centered on the social and political circumstance of our environment – . Restartnaija believes that YOU will be an ambassador of hope for the next generation of Nigerians and Africa. Truly, we can and Yes, we will.


Take 5 minutes to watch the video-clip below. It  gives the overview of the problems of Nigeria, and the solutions proffered by Restartnaija. You are about to create a New Nigeria in which you will be proud to raise your wonderful children; a place where you will be proud to call home.
Feel free to ask questions and make your comments, we will be here to discuss them extensively. See Restartnaija articles, Videos and posts on, Restartnaija Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram


God bless you…

God bless fabulous hearts…

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria…


[1] Richard Dowden, Africa altered states, ordinary miracles. New York: Public Affairs, 2010.p 441