Many ripe, rich and beautiful ladies against many ripe, broke, handsome guys

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broke guys, fine ladies

Marriage has become a fulfilling path towards obeying the natural instinct for procreation in the world. YOUNG MEN ARE JUDGED CAPABLE OF MARRIAGE WHEN THEY DEMONSTRATE THE ABILITY TO PROTECT AND PROVIDE FOR A FAMILY. Young women are judged capable when they can account and properly manage the resources of the family. The criterion of provision for men includes the ability to provide for themselves, their would-be wife(s) and children. The provision is not limited to material provision, but also to spiritual, emotional and intellectual provision. These provisions are witnessed in the external manifestation of peace, progress and love among members of the family. Hence, marriage in a society that produces lots of broke guys becomes difficult.


broke guys, fine ladies
broke guys, rich ladies

Human anatomy shows that men are more robust and physically energetic than women. This is why they are able to apply these surge of energy in processing the physical materials for human use. They till the ground for food, cut trees for house, erect walls with clay, sticks or any other materials for protection. From ancient times, men have forged tools from physical materials like wood, iron-ore and other environmental materials for easier work. And even in the modern time, they continue to invent more sophisticated tools for executing the work of protecting and providing for the society.


Hence, it has mainly been the men’s work to produce and protect the commodities used in the human society. These commodities include agricultural products, buildings, road network, water supply, heavy materials, machineries and services. The efficiency of producing things is dependent on the tools and methods used in producing them. The tools and methods used in modern agricultural and industrial production have advanced extensively from what was used in the 19th century. And this advancement has resulted in the quicker and better creation of resources, goods, services and consequently wealth.


Better tools and improved methods are guaranteed by access to resources for forging tools and access to education/information about new methods. New generation of producers continue to research in order to improve on the methods of production using the available resources. Many young men enrol in sci-tech-engineering courses, to continue the job of producing, protecting and providing for the society. By executing productive roles, they demonstrate the ability to provide and protect a family, and thus, attract spouses.


Unfortunately in Nigeria, the “Nigerian Mineral and Mining Act” makes it impossible for the men to exercise their productive knowledge. The Nigerian mining and mineral act states that:


all lands in which minerals have been found in Nigeria and any area covered by its territorial waters or constituency and the Exclusive Economic Zone shall, from the commencement of this Act, be acquired by the Government of the Federation…”[1]NO person shall search for or exploit mineral resources in Nigeria or divert or impound any water for the purpose of mining except as provided in this Act.[2]The property in mineral resources shall pass from the Government to the person by whom the mineral resources are lawfully won, upon their recovery in accordance with this Act.”[3]


Keen observations suggest that those who win the properties in these mineral resources are foreign companies who are fronted by their indigenous allies. The indigenous allies are given percentages to stand in, while the foreign companies extract and export these crude resources to their countries. Eventually the foreign companies and their allies get waivers to import and market the finished products from local resources. When their job of processing raw materials into usable commodities are taken to foreigners, Nigerian engineers either stay idle or join in marketing imported goods.


Ladies’/unisex jobs of counting, managing and marketing finished goods remain intact despite its origin: UK, US, Germany or France. Hence the few available Nigerian jobs in accounting, banking, management and marketing are RIGHTLY occupied by the ladies. Though accounting and management Jobs may be difficult, they are more suitable for the patient and meticulous nature of women. The available counting and management jobs cannot accommodate many qualified men, hence more jobless and broke guys are left in the system.


Shamefully, thousands of engineers/broke-guys join the queue for jobs to audit, bank, count and manage imported goods they can produce. They manage the job of counting foreign products, while regretting the lack of opportunity to design and produce better specifications. Frustrating engineers to the point of fighting for unisex jobs in banks and auditing firms remains a national disgrace. Now, everywhere you look around Nigeria, you find broke guys: broke guys as graduates, broke guys as yahoo buys, broke guys as underpaid workers, broke guys as hustlers.


In the end, there are mostly ladies’/unisex jobs in Nigeria, and the beautiful ladies deserve every pay they receive. The men who should produce modern tools for other commodities from their resources are denied access to their mineral resources. The mineral and mining act in Nigeria makes it impossible for men to earn decent living according to their nature as producers. Without access to mineral resources like iron ore, copper, coal, crude oil, the engineers cannot produce anything. They cannot apply their engineering knowledge on air, but on resources, to which they are denied access.


The ladies NATURALLY and RIGHTLY hope for the guys to meet up to the standard of being providers and protectors. However the policy[4] that upholds men unproductivity is sustained by the foreign companies and their political allies. So many ripe, handsome and strong guys are too broke to attract or marry the ladies of their choice. While the few marketers with access to foreign goods/entertainers/scammers continue to hop and ‘baby-mama’ the desperate chicks. Until Nigerian men unite and take back the access to their resources for productivity, they will continue to score low in the masculine qualities for attracting, providing for and protecting their ripe, rich and

beautiful ladies.

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