Nigerian governance and the decoration of underdevelopment instead of development

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decoration of underdevelopment

In biology, humans, plants and animals are considered biologically developed, when they are able to reproduce. Physically, people are considered mentally developed when they are able to process and apply information productively. Advancement in human civilization is marked by the development in the tools and methods for producing goods and services. This development of tools rose from use of sticks, rocks and bones to metals, hoes and machetes, before sophisticated machines like computer. Advancement in using technology to solve human problem in the society has been the distinguishing factor between developed and underdeveloped nations. While the developed nations continue to improve their productive technology, other countries engage in decoration of underdevelopment by importing all technological commodities they need.


Many Nigerian politicians are celebrated for their ability to provide visible materials in response to needs in Nigeria. They import and distribute or replace streetlights, transformers, generators, cars, computers, schoolbags, food, barrow and dress. Some sincere and selfless officials invite multinational companies to construct roads, shopping malls, airports, refineries and stadiums for constituents. The recipients of all these items dance and rejoice for some months or years before the items finish or start spoiling. Then, a new cycle of requests begins for replacing the spoilt installations or refilling the empty food stores.


This cycle of importation, distribution and replacement continually drains Nigeria’s mineral resources and economy, to the advantage of foreign manufacturers. This cycle is meant to cover up the underdevelopment of the citizens’ capacity to produce what they need. It is like a girl who buys expensive makeups to cover blemishes on her body instead of healing the body. Hence, decoration of underdevelopment is the overreliance on imported goods and services to cover up capacity deficiency in productivity.


To move away from poverty, nations seek development, instead of decoration of underdevelopment. A common saying among emancipating young people suggests: don’t give me fish, instead teach me how to fish. The ability and opportunity to produce what one needs bring more dignity, fulfilment and progress to the individual. But before the ability for productivity can be developed and used, there has to be a coordinated environment for learning and working. This is an environment of agreement between (some) members of the society to collaborate for productivity.


In Nigeria, stages for exiting the decoration of underdevelopment will include

  • Agreement for the freedom for ethnic communities to manage their mineral resources
  • Simplified and practical education of majority of the citizens
  • Liaison for other people with similar resources for sponsorship and management
  • Installation of industries with any possible foreign assistance for transfer of knowledge
  • Extraction and processing of the particular resources within their space
  • Exportation of the processed resources to other parts of Nigeria for other uses


Without aiming for the development of the capacity to extract and process the mineral resources in Nigeria, Nigerians will continue in the decoration of underdevelopment. The country will continue to leak, despite the amount of patching it implements through importation of goods and services. Hence, a new generation of Nigerians will rise to reorder the Nigerian society and to enable productivity from all sections of Nigeria. A generation that will live beyond the decoration of underdevelopment in Nigeria.


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