The docility that kills a nation

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The Docility that Destroys the Nation

Nigeria our beloved country is predominantly conservative and the way we raise children is just so that they stay obedient. The questions that come to mind include: what we are to be obedient to, the quality of knowledge that we are to be faithful to, and what kind of beliefs are we to be faithful to? The culture of silencing children when they ask questions is very detrimental to the growth of both the individual and the nation at large. We are compelled to be docile to the extent that we fail to ask questions that could lead to our development as individuals and as a nation. This docility leads us to believing single stories that are false and destructive, they make us narrow minded.

We must change this attitude. The danger of single story is enormous. In this age and generation that is governed by knowledge and wisdom around the world, we constantly and timidly keep believing single stories and myths that we fail to challenge the status quo.

All fields of knowledge are meant to challenge the status-quo. That is the only reason we can grow in our fields of endeavour. Philosophers keep challenging different disciplines about the claims they make and in this way we constantly grow and develop ourselves. We cannot afford to have a nation where just one perspective is held about everything, it shows we are not a thinking people. We must appreciate the beauty of diversity in our thought perspectives. We must challenge our institutions, our leaders, our pastors/priests/imams, politicians, our customs, cultures and every aspect of our lives.

A good example of where we do not want the status quo to be challenged is our views about our religious institutions and system of education. The examination bodies seem to be fraudulent and meant for business instead of aiming to build a nation. Why should be set Jamb questions that are out of the moon for students that are seeking admissions to the universities to go and acquire the knowledge they do not have yet. Most often, the questions set by Jamb are questions for 200 level university students and they expect secondary school leavers to have answers to such questions.

Meanwhile, the students are coming from a secondary school system that is faulty with unqualified teachers who did not pass jamb during their time, therefore they had to go to Colleges of Education that do not require Jamb to be admitted. What plans do we have for the candidates who did not pass Jamb? They are left unattended to and nobody cares about them.

We spend so much money fighting crimes for free, but we fail to use the money to educate people free, but government is ready to fight crimes for free. Why should the Parishes and Churches that make so much money on Sundays and weekdays refuse to create means of employment for the people but rather wait for Government to create such? The Church should not be thinking about collecting offerings/tithes from the same human beings they fail to pay attention to. To which pastor do the daddy G.Os pay their own tithes to? There is absolutely no connection between tithing and salvation, it’s a huge myth that the Nigerian worshippers have for long been deceived about and the Christian religious leaders enrich themselves with this in a country that people are living on less than one dollar per day.

The other myth is about believing that shouting and praying bring about prosperity. Becoming prosperous is not about tithing and shouting in prayers. In fact, it is superstitious to hold such beliefs. These single stories in our religiosity are destructive and can never build a nation. Prosperity comes from the strategic planning in the way you do your business and plan your life.

Many Nigerian church leaders have no Theology apart from deceiving people with Old Testament quotations to obtain money. A teaching that is aimed at materialism is bound to fail even before it takes off. The gifts that the Church offers to the world are predominately spiritual gifts and they are meant to be completely free. The one who is supposed to lead the people in a religious position should be trained for that. It shouldn’t be an overnight thing that someone sits and imagines how s/he would get out poverty and then thinks about opening a Church simply because offering would definitely be made in Church.

If you want to be a medical doctor, you go to a medical school, same with those who want to be lawyers, engineers, carpenters and so on. We cannot tell the world that people declare themselves prophets in the same way it used to be thousands of years before the coming of Christ. Our times and challenges are different, the schools and different disciplines are gifts from the Lord and we must embrace them and stop destroying our nation using Christianity. This we must stop. Let the Christian ideas contribute to building every one of us and the nation at large.

Terwase Famave