Nigerian states and their resources (minerals and otherwise)

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Wealthy and progressive societies are those whose population capably use their natural resources to produce what they need for sustenance and profit. This table display various states in Nigerian and their correspondent human and natural resources. The information contained in this tale

State Weather Human density

Person per

Natural resources


Heavy annual rainfall 3 million pop. In Arable land, Glass sand, limestone, salt, shale, clay, gypsum, Kaolin, Phosphate, Laterite, Granite, Marble and Feldspar
Adamawa 1991 river Benue, Gongola 83 per

In 37,959

Massive land for cotton, tomato and sugarcane.

Minerals: iron, lead, zinc, limestone



Heavy annual rainfall 3.9million pop. In 8.412 Arable land for yam, maize, cassava; sea-foods as periwinkle, crayfish, oyster and fishes.

Minerals: oil and gas, clay, glass sand, granite, kaoline, limestone and lignite



Heavy rainfall 4million pop in Land for oil palm, maize, rice, yam and cassava.

Minerals: natural gas, bauxite, ceramics, iron stone, petroleum, sand stone, kaolin, pyrite, lignite and clay (mostly untapped).

Bauchi 1976 Moderate rainfall 4 million pop in 97 Land for guinea corn, maize, millet, yams, tomato and cattle grazing.

Cash crops: groundnuts and cotton.

Bayelsa 1996 Heavy rainfall 21, Land for oil-palm, rubber, coconut, ginger, rice, sugarcane, citrus, pineapple, bananas, plantain, yam, cassava, potatoes, maize and pawpaw.

Timber trees: Iroko, mahogany, iron wood, walnut, opepe, Afara, Ogea, Sangha, Abura, Silk cotton tree, red mangrove, teak, Melina and neem.

Non-timber: bread fruit, kola-nut, bitter-kola etc

Minerals: oil and natural gas.



Sufficient rainfall 4 million pop in 30, 137 Forest resources: palm, Iroko, raffia, shea butter, locust bean.

Arable land for cotton, groundnuts, beniseed, soya beans, palm oil, yam, etc.

Borno 1976 Lake chad.

Very dry

4 million pop in 72,621 57 Vast lands for guinea corn, millet, groundnuts, rice and wheat. Fishing, massive cattle-rearing for meat and leather.
Cross river 1967 Heavy annual rainfall 2.8 million pop in 20, Lands for yam, rice, cassava, plantain, maize, etc.

Cash crops: rubber, palms and cocoa.

Minerals: oil and gas, limestone, titanium, tin ore, clay, mica, iron ore, uranium, ceramic, talc, galena.

Delta 1991 Heavy annual rainfall 4million pop in 17, Land for yam, maize, cassava, plantain and banana.

Cash crops: oil palm, rubber and timber

Minerals: Oil and gas, kaolin, laterite, clay, gravel, silica sand, bauxite and granite.

Ebonyi 1996 Heavy annual rainfall 2million pop in 5, Land for rice, yam, cocoyam, potatoes, maize, beans, cowpea and cassava.

Cash crops: palm, cashew, cocoa and rubber.

Minerals: salt, zinc, lead, kaolin, limestone, gypsum, granite and clay (mostly untapped).



Annual rainfall 2 million pop in 19, 110 Arable land for agriculture

Cash crop: rubber, timber, cocoa and palm.

Minerals: quartzite, marble, gypsum, limestone, lignite, gold, oil and gas.



Moderate annual rainfall 2.3million pop Arable land for rice, citrus, kola-nut, cowpea, yam, cassava, plantain, maize, etc.

Cash crops: cocoa, palm, rubber and timber.

Minerals: quartzite, lignite, kaolin, clay, cassiterite, tin ore, columbite, bauxite, foundry sand, granite, feldspar and tantalite.

Enugu 1991 Heavy annual rainfall 3.2million pop in 8, Land for yam, cassava, palm and rice.

Minerals: limestone, iron ore, crude oil, natural gas and bauxite.

Gombe 1996 Moderate rainfall 2.3million pop in 17, 135 Massive lands for guinea corn, maize and millet.

Cash crops: cotton and groundnut.



Heavy annual rainfall 2.5million pop in 5, Land for maize, rice, oil palm, citrus, cashew, yam, pineapple and cassava.

Minerals: petroleum, shale, coal, laterite and kaolin.

Jigawa 1991 river Kafin, Hadejia and iggi 4million pop in 23, 185 Vast land for farming and animal husbandry
Kaduna 1967 Moderate rain 6million pop in 44, 137 Arable land for groundnut, corn, millet, rice and beans.

Industries: Peugeot assembly, refinery, textile mill



9.3million pop in 20, Massive land for agriculture, esp. groundnut

Industries leather, textile, motor-assembly

Katsina 1987 Moderate rain 5.8million pop in 23, 242 Massive land for cultivation and animal husbandry.

Industries: oil mill, steel rolling mill

Kebbi 1991 Moderate rain 3.2million in 36, Massive land for cultivation and animal husbandry


Sufficient Annual rainfall 3.2million in 29, 112 Massive land for maize, cassava, yam, rice, plantain, melon.

Cash crops: coffee, cocoa, palm, cashew, peanuts.

Minerals: iron, limestone, coal and tin. Ajaokuta steel industry.

Kwara 1967 Sufficient rainfall 2.3million in pop 33, 70 Massive land for agriculture

Cash crops: cotton, kola nuts, tobacco and palm

Lagos 1967 Heavy annual rainfall 9million pop in 787 Minerals: Silica sand, bitumen, sharp sand, gravel, petroleum and laterite.
Nasarawa 1996 Sufficient rainfall 1.8million pop in 26, Massive land for millet, maize and yam.
Niger 1976 Moderate rainfall 3.9million pop in 72, 55 Massive land for agriculture and animal husbandry

Minerals: marble, kaolin, silicon and gold.

Ogun 1976 Heavy annual rainfall 3.7million pop in 16, Arable land for rice, maize, cassava, yam and banana. livestock

Cash crops: Cocoa, kola-nut, rubber, palm, timber.

Minerals: kaolin, feldspar, silica, mica, clay, phosphate, gypsum, limestone, quartz, tar sand, chalk and gravels.

Industries: beer, tyres, ceramics, clay bricks, carpet, clothing.

Ondo 1976 Heavy annual rainfall 3.4million pop in 15, Arable land for yam, cassava, plantain and banana.

Cash crops: cocoa, kola-nut, oil palm, rubber and timber.

Livestock: ram, sheep, goats and poultry.

Minerals: bitumen, marble, gold, gemstone, clay, diorite, lignite, oil.

Osun 1991 Heavy annual rainfall 3.4million pop in 14, Arable land for cassava, maize, plantain, banana, yam, millet.

Cash crops: cocoa, cashew, palm

Minerals: clay, talc, feldspar, granite, dolomite, quartz, limestone and mica



Moderate rainfall 5.6million pop in 28, Arable lands for agriculture and livestock as ram, sheep, cattle

Cash crops: cocoa, palm and cashew.

Minerals: marble, clay, feldspar, kaolin, cassiterite, iron ore, aquamarine, dolomite, talc, quartz and granite.

Plateau 1976 Highlands, rivers and streams 3.1million pop in 26, Massive lands for agriculture.

Minerals: columbite, tin, lead, zinc and limestone.



Heavy rainfall 5.2million pop in 11, Arable lands for coconut, rice, citrus, pineapples, banana, plantain, yam, cassava, cocoyam, sweet potatoes and maize.

Cash crops: palm, rubber, sugar cane and ginger.

Minerals: oil and gas, silica, glass sand and clay.

Industries: refineries, fertilizer, food and beverages, glass, metal, petrochemical, plastic and textile.



Dry rolling plain 3.7million pop in 32, Massive land for millet, rice, beans and corn.

Industry: Leather-making from livestock



Moderate rainfall 2.3million pop in 59, Massive land for maize, rice, sorghum, millet, cassava and yam and livestock.

Cash crop: coffee, tea, groundnut and cotton.



Moderate rainfall 2.3million pop in 44, 52 Cash crops: gum, groundnuts, cotton.

Largest cattle market in west Africa



Long dry season 3.2million pop in 33, 97 Massive lands for farming