Beauty pageants, movies and reality shows for Nigeria’s productivity and character

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beauty pageants, movies and reality shows

Modern televisions, electronic screen-posts and general screen gadgets are often very beautiful and desirable. Despite their beauty, they are used to show the meaning, beauty and use of other things to human beings. Those beautiful televisions, gadgets and sign-screens are used to advertise, explain or show products, ideas, people or events. Like fine televisions and sign-screens, people are influenced by famously beautiful people and are receptive to their messages. Hence, marketers, governments, religious groups and other organizations use beauty pageants, movies and reality shows to sell their messages or products.


Recently, there has been a multiplicity of organizers for beauty pageants, movies and reality shows in Nigeria. Despite immorality-tags, sex-scandals, coded prostitution, uncertainty of breakthrough and risks, many people still organize beauty pageants, movies and reality shows. And despite the criticisms, many Nigerians openly or secretly follow the beauty pageants, movies and reality shows and their messages. Presently, marketers of foreign products take advantage of these people’s followership to market their products and ideologies to Nigerians. Unfortunately, Nigerian government is missing the opportunity to utilize this followership for influencing productivity and character in Nigeria.


Human societies are organized for productivity, harmony and common good according to carefully generated and evaluated ideas. After generating these ideas, social organizers require appealing mediums for conveying the ideas to the society. Hence, progressive societies incorporate famous models, beauty pageants, movies and reality shows to disseminate influential ideas for society’s progress. Also, societies encourage productive members to integrate these famous people in advertising their products and character-development messages in the society. However, when a society does not have real products to market, nor socially-responsive messages, they misuse their famous people. In this case, foreign powers, producers and marketers take advantage of their celebrities, beauty pageants, movies and reality shows.


Nigeria was formed by the colonial imposition of a militarized federal government on unconsented kingdoms and communities for collecting mineral resources. Before leaving at independence, colonialists trained and militarily enabled few indigenes to replace them in seizing and exporting the people’s mineral resources to them in exchange for finished products.[1] To appear democratic, Nigeria’s colonially-imposed government created states, local governments and ministries to share few foreign products as infrastructure, salaries and charity handouts. Since then different Nigerians struggle to occupy the colonially-made offices to enjoy foreign money from seized mineral resources.


Today, the main jobs in Nigeria are related to marketing, counting, utilizing, prescribing, installing and reporting foreign goods and services. Hence, there is a need to provoke Nigerian communities to retrieve their resources and educate their people for productivity. There is a need to redirect Nigerian youths to consistently update their knowledge and skills for productivity and economic independence. Like in western societies, Nigerian beauty pageants, movies and reality shows could be used to direct Nigerian minds to productivity. Unfortunately, Nigeria’s imposed government ignores the opportunity in search of cheaper products to import to justify seizing people’s resources. Thus, foreign powers seize the opportunity of Nigerian celebrities to market their products and subtle social messages.


Nigeria may not incorporate beauty pageants, movies and reality shows in a true Nigerian purpose, without reorganizing the society for productivity. Hence, a sincere government will arise to organize a true national conference for Nigerians to reorganize themselves for local productivity. Eventually, the government will release the people’s resources for productivity and incorporate Nigerian celebrities in marketing ideas and products of the new Nigeria.

[1] Walter Rodney, How Europe underdeveloped Africa 2009 edition (Abuja: Panaf press, 2009). p.319.