Restartnaija’s new book: Redefine your purpose, Restart the nation

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Ever felt lost, drifting or purposeless in the world?
Ever asked why you were born in this place and time?
Are you just following the crowd or people’s expectations?
Ever asked why you have your talents, ideas and personality?

Without discovering its main purpose, a beautifully-carved knife believes it was made for decoration, and will spend more time decorating itself than getting sharp for cutting things. Likewise, without finding their specific purposes in the world, different people are carried away by drifting fantasies. So, they live empty and unfulfilled lives by spending more time in pursuing fanciful shadows than developing themselves for their lives’ purposes.

This book identifies human position as the centre and prime of nature, and as the main agents of progress in the world. It uses stories and imaginative illustrations to explain how you can discover your purpose, potentials and location of impact. Using a guiding technique called ‘Daily Self-Control’, it explains how you can develop yourself and collaborate with other people to initiate, spread and sustain progress, starting from the family to the community, state, country and the world.

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