Chukwunwike Enekwechi

Chukwunwike Enekwechi

Chukwunwike Enekwechi studied political philosophy in his first degree from the University of Ibadan, and has been involved in many social development and enlightenment programs for the past fourteen years. He is an ardent believer in the possibility of Nigeria's intellectual and emotional reformation towards the formation of a new Nigerian society.
Divide Nigeria

Divide Nigeria

two cannot stay without agreement. Nigerian communities should go apart and reconsider, come back if they want and...

disintegrate Nigerians


the national resources cannot get to all, as long as it is extracted by non-Nigerians, who give you...

Who benefits from the barren state of Nigeria

Frequently, we hear of some cabals who benefit from Nigeria's state of industrial barrenness. The people who will not...


When the system hangs… restart Nigeria

You don't repair a damaged car just by changing the initial bad driver, Instead you take the car to...

My first blog post

Protected: First blog post

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